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VEILMONTÉ BRIDAL SHOWROOM is offering the Custom Design & Size option of your dream wedding dress.

All our dresses are made in Europe at a high-quality factory that has been providing its service for the past 25 years to well-known brand designers all over Europe and the USA.

Their extreme detail-oriented team is dedicated into making the dress you imagined getting married in to be all you ever wanted.

VEILMONTÉ BRIDAL SHOWROOM brings you closer to making your dream come true!
Any existing dress can have its design changed and re-designed. For example, if you like the top of a dress & the bottom from another one, you can mixthem together. You can remove or add any details in your design, you can switch fabrics, lace, aplique, colors etc. All changes are welcome.

Note: Significant changes to an existing dress are made at an extra charge.
If your dream dress cannot be found in any of our collections – we can design it for you! Bring a picture/drawing of your own design and we will create it to fit your imagination and taste.

Custom dresses are made at a custom price.
At your appointment we will do a fitting of the dress you will be choosing and if it will not fit you properly we will order it per your individual measurements so you feel comfortable and flawless on your big day!

Custom & Regular Sizes below are made at an extra charge.
Sizes 12,14,16 – an additional 10%
Sizes 18,20,22 – an additional 20%
Sizes 24, 26, 28 – an additional 30%

Ordering timeline is up to 4 months including the delivery to our showroom, plus we will reserve an extra 2 months for in house alterations if needed.
When the dress arrives and there are any minimal alterations needed we will finish the dress in house with our local seamstress at no additional cost. Extra charges are applied if your size has changed significantly from the original measurements appointment and the dress has to be completley redone.

The train bustle is not included – it is a separate service offered by our seamstress.

You can contact her directly for any alterations needs at (802)578-8086 Mariana. She is located in Williston.

Samples are sold at a discounted price from 30%-50% OFF, no alterations included.

Wedding & Bridesmaids dress purchases are final with NO RETURNS OR EXCHAGES.
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